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  • Cargo Flight OZ-991 from Seoul (South Korea) to Shanghai (China) with 2 crew, was enroute near Jeju Island (about 250nm south of Seoul) when the crew reported the cargo in the cargo hold. They attemped to divert to Jeju Airport and then disappeared from radar.
    Probable Cause: The Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board (ARAIB) determined that a fire developed on or near the pallets containing dangerous goods. The flight was loaded with 58 tons (57 long tons; 64 short tons) of cargo; 90% of the freight was standard cargo, semi-conductors, mobile phones, liquid crystal displays, and light-emitting diodes. The remainder included 400 kg (880 lb.) of lithium batteries, paint, resin solutions and other liquids.
    Result: Two deaths and an estimated $190 million in damages


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